Summer Camp Drug Charge Attorney in Peoria, Illinois

Arrested for drugs at Summer Camp Music Festival?

State Attorneys in Illinois aggressively seek convictions in illegal drug cases. If you have been arrested on a drug charge stemming from your weekend attending Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois, you need strong, effective, local representation as soon as possible. You need an experienced drug charge lawyer.

It is safe to say that Summer Camp Music Festival is the busiest weekend of the year at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois. Over 10,000 people attend Summer Camp Music Festival every year. Every year, multiple attendees are arrested at or around the festival. Agents with the Peoria Metropolitan Enforcement Group (MEG), while assisted by other local law enforcement, have made arrests for Cocaine (“Blow”), Heroin, Ecstasy (“X”), LSD (“Acid”), Psilocybin Mushrooms (“Shrooms”), Ketamine (“Special K”), and Cannabis (“weed”, “pot”).

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Arrests made in Chillicothe, Peoria, Bartonville, Peoria Heights, Rome, and Mossville are prosecuted by the Peoria County State’s Attorney. Drug charges can result in a lifelong criminal record, large fines and years in prison.

At Miller Law Offices, P.C., I am a former Peoria County Prosecutor who now uses my skills to defend the rights and freedom of people accused of drug charges. As a drug charge defense attorney, I am experienced, aggressive and determined to achieve my clients’ goals.

My firm defends people accused of all types of drug crimes in Illinois state courts, including:

  • Possession of Cannabis – Misdemeanor
  • Possession of Cannabis – Felony
  • Possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of Ecstasy/Delivery of Ecstasy
  • DUI drug
  • Other felony and misdemeanor drug charges

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Act Quickly to Obtain Legal Representation

In any criminal matter, it is critical to hire an attorney as soon as possible. Our firm can take steps to protect your rights and start building your defense immediately. We have had success contacting the prosecutor early, before the state files official charges. In a number of cases, we have raised questions in the prosecutor’s mind that cast doubt on the strength of the state’s case, which led to the prosecutor dropping charges or filing less serious charges.

Protecting Your Rights, Preserving Your Freedom

Any criminal case, of course, is unique and fact dependent. In defending you, I will thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case. Did the police have probable cause to conduct the search? Was the search conducted in a constitutional manner? Were the alleged substances really illegal and if so, are the quantities claimed by the prosecution accurate? These or other factors could lead to a good outcome for you.

Whenever possible, I will make aggressive use of motions to exclude evidence which supports the state’s case. Miller Law Offices, P.C. will work to build a strong and effective case designed to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. Contact Miller Law Offices, P.C. for an initial consultation with an attorney.