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Arrested for drugs at the Summer Camp Music Festival?

The Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, Illinois has grown in popularity and reputation every year since its inception. The wildly popular event draws tens of thousands of attendees not only from all over the United States but from all over the world. Unfortunately, several hundred people are arrested, cited, and charged with misdemeanor and felony drug offenses every year while on their way to Summer Camp or while attending Summer Camp.

Some of the more usual cities and towns in Peoria County where people are stopped and arrested on Summer Camp related charges include Chillicothe, Peoria, and Peoria Heights. However, people are also arrested on drug charges in Bartonville, Bellevue, Brimfield, Dunlap, Elmwood, Glasford, Hanna City, Kingston Mines, Mapleton, Norwood, Princeville, Rome, Mossville, and West Peoria.

Understanding the Arrests and Charges

Some drug arrests from Summer Camp come from car stops or traffic stops. Most of these cases involve a vehicle search that sometimes includes a drug dog search or a K-9 search. Many of these cases result in felony charges where prison time of several years is a real possibility.

Another way that many people are arrested and charged during Summer Camp involve cases where drugs or other substances are sold or given to other people. Many of the people who receive the drugs in these cases are undercover police officers posing as music fans at the Summer Camp Music Festival. Many of these cases are even more serious felonies that carry potential prison sentences of up to 30 years in an Illinois prison.

There are a wide variety of substances that are involved in many Summer Camp drug cases. Some of these substances include cannabis (weed, marijuana, pot, bud, cheeba, chronic, dank, dope, grass), ecstasy (molly, X, skittles, E, rollies, candy, dex, rolling, smarties), cocaine (coke, blow, crack, snow, c-dust, carrie, cola, lady, zip, powder), heroin (smack, foil, H, scag, horse, hard stuff, black tar), LSD (acid, hit, tab, blotter, mirodot, trip), psilocybin mushrooms (shrooms, mushrooms, magic mushrooms, caps, blue meanies, mushies, magics). Some other substances involved in Summer Camp cases include ketamine, “plant food”, “charlie sheen”, 2C(x), and many other substances.

Analog & Designer Drugs at Summer Camp

A growing number of Summer Camp cases in recent years have involved analog drugs/designer drugs. Many of these analog drugs are chemically produced substances that can be very similar to other more established drugs like ecstasy but are modified in a chemical manner on a microscopic level. The idea behind such chemical modification of various drugs is to produce a new or different substance that does not fit the legal definition of an established controlled substance. However, most analog substances are covered by analog drug laws, so such attempts at trying to skirt the law tend to backfire very badly since many people with these analog substances tend to carry very large quantities of them.

A few examples of some analog substances include MDVP, methylone, mephedrone, bath salts, K2, MPPP, LSB, LSZ, DPT, DOC, DOB, DOM, MDEA, in addition to many new variants that are constantly being developed on an almost daily basis. The important thing to remember about most analogs is that if it is chemically similar to an already controlled substance, then it is probably going to be covered by an analog drug act and result in felony charges that can end up as several years in an Illinois prison.

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