Loved One Arrested at Summer Camp Attorney in Peoria, Illinois

Summer Camp Music Festival Defense Lawyer

The Summer Camp Music Festival is held every year over Memorial Day weekend at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois. The festival event takes place in Peoria County. Tens of thousands of music lovers attend the festival every year, and there are always several hundred people who are arrested and charged with drug crimes related to Summer Camp.

Some of the Summer Camp drug bust cases involve traffic stops or roadblock situations and drug-sniffing dogs. Other Summer Camp drug cases involve allegedly selling drugs to undercover cops or undercover law enforcement personnel. Regardless of how a Summer Camp drug charge case starts the most important thing to remember is what is at stake. Under Illinois state law, every single drug-related charge possible carries possible jail time or prison time. There are no “fine only” drug charges under state law in Illinois. Even the smallest amount of marijuana (cannabis, weed, pot) can carry jail time up to 30 days in the county jail and a lifelong criminal record.

Get the defense your loved one deserves!

Having your loved one arrested while traveling to or attending Summer Camp is a scary position in which to find yourself. If your child is arrested at Summer Camp when you are several hours or even thousands of miles away you may feel helpless, confused, angry, and generally uninformed about what is happening to your child or loved one. We have dealt with many Summer Camp drug cases over the years and know what it takes to help you and your son, daughter, or loved one.

Doesn’t your child, partner, or loved one deserve the best lawyer possible to give them the best shot at a decent future? Miller Law Offices, P.C., has extensive experience in criminal cases related to the Summer Camp Music Festival. Criminal cases are what my firm does best. My team will never be distracted, confused, or overwhelmed with other types of cases because we do not handle other types of cases. This allows us a focus, dedication, and depth of knowledge that few law firms in the state can claim in the area of criminal law.

Getting Your Loved One Released from Jail

One of the many services I can provide is help in facilitating the release of your child or loved one from the county jail after being arrested at Summer Camp. Most local jails require bail or bond to be posted in person and do not allow bail or bond to be posted over the phone, fax, or online. My team has been able to personally take funds to the county jail to post bond for our Summer Camp clients. After securing the release of our clients on bail we are also able to help make local arrangements for lodging, food, and transportation. We provide full service and support for you and your son, your daughter, or loved one at a time that is very difficult and terrifying for both you and your loved one.

Sometimes the parents of our Summer Camp clients are at least several hours away and very often across the country and unable to provide the personal assistance we offer to our Summer Camp clients. Having my firm help speed up and secure your child’s or loved one’s release on bail or bond is the best way to help keep them safe from immediate harm.

Choose the Experience of Miller Law Offices, P.C.

My firm’s track record in the area of criminal defense law is second to none. We have won jury trials, won bench trials, and won motions to suppress evidence. I have negotiated plea deals on Summer Camp cases where felony drug charges are dismissed and where jail time and prison time have been avoided. I have helped many clients avoid criminal convictions and avoid felony convictions.

Having Miller Law Offices, P.C., represent your child or loved one is one of the best things you can do to help maximize their chances of living the life they deserve. If you want a criminal defense firm with the experience, dedication, and motivation your loved one deserves in their time of need, then call us today.