DCFS Appeals Attorney in Peoria, Illinois

We represent people in Peoria, Tazewell, Marshall, and Fulton Counties who encounter problems of any kind related to indicated findings and DCFS investigations. Our experience and understanding of the investigation and appeal process provides you an important advantage for anyone being investigated for neglect of a child, abuse of a child, child molestation, or other risk of harm to a child.A large number of DCFS investigations are initiated by a report of possible abuse made by a mandatory reporter; someone whose profession requires them to file a report when they suspect a child may have been abused. The report is then investigated by a DCFS Investigator often with minimal consultation or explanation to the accused or taking into fair consideration the accused’s explanation of what did or did not occur. If the investigator indicates in their reports that they believe abuse occurred, an indicated finding is registered with the state on the Central Register for 5, 20 or even 50 years. DCFS findings can result in losing a job if a person woks with children or in a medical profession. Further, criminal charges can often follow an indicated finding.If you have been indicated by DCFS you have a right to an appeal. The appeal is real litigation. On the date of the hearing, DCFS will have an attorney presenting evidence, objecting to your evidence and arguing that the indication should remain on your record. Few people are prepared to adequately represent themselves against an experienced attorney.Few people can afford to have a DCFS indicated finding remain unchallenged due to the ramifications to their future whether it be to their future or present job prospects or custody of their children.Call Miller Law Offices now to schedule a consultation regarding representation for your DCFS Administrative Appeal.