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As a father who has been through the divorce and custody process personally, this is an issue that is very important to me. The court system is still stilted in favor of mothers, fathers still have to justify why they should have equal parenting time, let alone the majority of parenting time even if they were the primary caretaker of the children during the marriage.  As a father of three children and step father to one, I have a unique perspective as to what it means to be a father and not be able to see those that you love most in the world every day. I can tell you from experience that I personally had to fight (and it was a long fight) to have 50% of the time with my oldest daughter. 

I know what it means to be intricately involved in your child's life, sign them up for daycare, bathe them, dress them, put them to bed, take them to and from daycare and still feel like you have to "prove" that you are just as much a parent as mom. That you are a good dad worthy of being at the very least an equal parent with your child's mother. 

Now, I will be upfront, not all fathers deserve equal time or the majority of time with their children and it would be in the best interest of their children to spend the majority of time with their mother. But mothers should not by default be given the majority of time with the children either! Unfortunately, too often that is how the court system views father’s rights and who should have custody. 

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In the past, the mother would automatically be awarded full custody of the children after the parents divorced. I fight against this antiquated legal tradition. Just as women no longer stay at home and raise the children while men are at work, men work and are involved in the caretaking of their children, often more so than the children’s mother.

I will work with you to understand your relationship with your children, the family dynamic in your home so that we can fight to get you the most parenting time possible with your children. Father’s rights to the majority of parenting time and parental decision making authority exist. However, they are not as inherintley strong for fathers as they are for mothers. Do not let this deter you from seeking your rights and objectives.

The courts determine who should have the majority of parenting time/custody by deciding who it would be in the best interest of the child to spend the majority of time with. The best interest factors are statutorily enumerated and are outlined on the child custody page of my website.

Finally, the specific facts and circumstance of any given father’s rights case may create a persuasive argument that the father should have custody and that it is in the child’s best interest. As a father’s rights attorney, I will help you seek custody by striking the right balance of fact and law to make the best legal argument that can be made. Please contact my office so we can start the path toward obtaining the most time possible for you and your children.