Divorce Decree Modifications

Peoria Divorce Attorney

If you and your spouse have already completed the divorce process but now need a modification to an existing decree, contact Miller Law Offices, P.C. Because divorce decrees are permanent, it can be difficult to modify an existing order. With the help of a Peoria family law attorney, however, you may be able to obtain the results that you require. As a Peoria divorce lawyer with an extensive understanding of Illinois family law, I know what is necessary to help a client achieve the outcome that he or she is seeking.

Reasons for a Modification

Sometimes in life, events occur that leave people in difficult positions. Perhaps due to a remarriage, illness or injury, relocation, or career change, it is necessary to modify an existing divorce decree. At my firm, I can assist you with filing a motion to modify an existing child custody order, support agreement, or alimony arrangement. For example, if you or your ex-spouse must move, I may be able to assist you with a modification of your current child custody or visitation arrangements.

The court process for obtaining a decree modification can be confusing, and when clients retain my representation, I do everything I can to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. I make sure that my clients have an in-depth understanding of their options and that all of the proper steps are taken. Most importantly, I make sure their rights and interests are protected each step of the way.

Trusted Legal Counsel

At Miller Law Offices, I am truly passionate about providing every client with the utmost level of respect and dignity. Just because a client’s divorce process is complete does not mean that I stop offering my family law services to them. When additional issues come up, you can rely on me to help you. To find out more about how I may be able to assist you with a modification, do not hesitate to contact my firm today.