Probation Violation

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When seeking to fight a charge of violating your probation, you will want to obtain knowledgeable legal guidance from a skilled criminal defense attorney in Peoria. The steps to protecting your freedom can be challenging, which is why my knowledgeable legal counsel can prove helpful to you.

You may face many obstacles throughout your case that threaten your freedom. At Miller Law Offices, I have helped many individuals resolve their cases when they are faced with accusations of probation violations.

Is your freedom on the line?

Probation violations can occur when an individual who has been sentenced to probation instead of incarceration violates the terms of his or her probation. Consequences will depend on a wide range of factors, which can lessen or worsen the severity of the circumstances. You can potentially suffer serious penalties, including incarceration, extended probation, and hefty fines.

Some factors that can influence your probation violation case include:

  • Nature of the violation
  • Seriousness of the violation
  • Prior violations of probation

Probation can be violated in many different ways depending on the specific case. Probation violations occur when the individual on probation ignores, refuses, or avoids the terms of probation.

Common ways that people commit probation violations include:

  • Getting arrested for another offense
  • Committing a drug crime
  • Visiting restricted people / places
  • Failing to report to a probation officer
  • Failing to appear during a scheduled court appearance

Effective Legal Guidance from Miller Law Offices

What takes place after an individual’s violation is often up to the discretion of the probation officer. After a probation violation is reported, probation officers can issue a warning or require the alleged offender to appear in court. At Miller Law Offices, I can protect your legal rights during the hearing. Contact my firm today for a initial case evaluation with me!