Possession of a Controlled Substance Attorney in Peoria, Illinois

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Drug possession, or “possession of a controlled substance,” is one of the most common drug offenses charged by law enforcement. The severity of these charges can vary dramatically depending on the circumstances of the alleged offense, but drug possession can always result in very serious penalties. It requires knowledgeable and vigilant counsel to challenge these allegations and ensure the rights of the accused are protected.

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Important Drug Possession Factors

Like in many other states, the drug laws of Illinois are complex. There are many different factors to consider, including the type of drugs involved. Illinois categorizes controlled substances into five different schedules, Schedule I representing the most addictive and harmful narcotics, and Schedule V representing substances that have been deemed significantly less dangerous (like prescription medications). A complete list of these substances and their corresponding schedules can be found in 720 ILCS 570/100.

The severity of a drug possession charge can also depend on:

  • The quantity of the substance found
  • The criminal record of the accused
  • Where the alleged possession occurred
  • Whether or not firearms were present

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