Putnam County Summer Camp Drug Charges

Help for Summer Camp Music Festival Arrests

The Summer Camp Music Festival is an eclectic multi-day event consisting of an ever-growing roster of bands from across the United States. It is held every year over Memorial Day Weekend on the grounds of Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois located in Peoria County.

Summer Camp attracts attendees by the tens of thousands not only from around the United States, but from all over the globe. In fact, in recent years Summer Camp fans have travelled from as far away as Germany and Australia to experience this unique annual music extravaganza. Even though tens of thousands of music fans are able to enjoy the weekend of Summer Camp with little to no problems, there are always several hundred people who are arrested, cited, and charged with misdemeanor and felony drug offenses every year while on their way to the Summer Camp Music Festival.

Arrested while traveling to or from Summer Camp?

One of the counties where many people have been charged with drug crimes due to traffic stops and drug busts is Putnam County, Illinois. Putnam County contains the towns of Hennepin, McNabb, Putnam, Florid, Granville, Magnolia, Standard, and Mark. Some of the major roads that pass through Putnam County include Interstate 180 (I-180), Illinois Route 18 (State Route 18), Illinois Route 26 (State Route 26), Illinois Route 29 (State Route 29), Illinois Route 71 (State Route 71), and Illinois Route 89 (State Route 89).

By far, the largest number of Summer Camp related drug bust cases in Putnam County start with a traffic stop or car stop of some sort. The reason for such a police car stop can include traffic violations such as speeding even just 1 mile per hour over the speed limit, not wearing a seat belt, or having too many items piled into a car where the driver is unable to effectively use the rearview mirror. Other Putnam County traffic drug bust cases arise from various roadblock situations where many cars and vehicles on the way to Summer Camp are stopped at different locations throughout the county.

However police and law enforcement stop a car or vehicle heading to or from Summer Camp, there is almost always a K-9 unit or drug dog on site or nearby during a Summer Camp traffic stop in Putnam County. Once the car is pulled over by the cops the drug sniffing dog will usually give the police officers enough reason to search the seized vehicle that has been pulled over on the way to Summer Camp.

Understanding the Arrest Process

Once suspected drugs are found in the vehicle or in the possession of someone in the car Putnam County often uses a field booking procedure where the person to be charged has their mugshot and fingerprints taken in a mobile booking location (i.e. trailer) instead of at the Putnam County Jail. One of the main reasons this is done is to maximize the time police officers have to pull people over and search a greater number of cars instead of transporting people to the Putnam County Jail all weekend long. This method of Summer Camp drug arrests in Putnam County results in such a large number of Summer Camp drug charges that a very large percentage of Putnam County’s drug cases in any given year are drug charge cases related to the Summer Camp Music Festival.

These Summer Camp drug cases in Putnam County involve all kinds of illegal substances. There are drug bust cases involving cannabis (THC, weed, pot, marijuana), cocaine (blow, coke, powder), ecstasy (MDMA, X, Love Drug, E, Candy, Molly), Ketamine (Special K, Jet, K, Cat Valium, Super C), LSD (acid, tabs, blotter, sugar cubes, hits, mellow yellow), heroin (horse, H, hero, big H, Rambo, Henry), psilocybin mushrooms (boomers, magic mushrooms, shrooms, musk), as well as hundreds of various analog drugs (fentanyl, MPPP, MPTP, LSB, DMT, AMT, DOC, DPT, 2C-G, DOB, TCP, MK-801, Methylone, MBDB, MDPV).

For the most part, if a substance is not something you can possess open and freely everywhere in the United States, then it is probably illegal in Illinois and carries possible jail time for even the smallest amount….even for weed cases. Even the smallest quantity of marijuana (such as a single seed or even a speck of a stem) can carry up to 30 days of jail in Putnam County under Illinois law. Greater quantities of cannabis carry even greater penalties while even simple possession of any other drug or controlled substance is an automatic felony with possible prison time.

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