Arrested at Summer camp Music Festival

Arrested at Summer Camp Music Festival; what do I do now?

You, like many people over the weekend  of May 23-26, have found yourself arrested for possessing or delivering a controlled substance. All is not lost! I personally, and as a former partner at Miller & Pugh Law Offices have helped more people since 2011, facing Peoria County drug charges stemming from summer camp than any other attorney in Peoria.


As a former Peoria County Prosecutor and a Criminal Defense Attorney recognized by the National Trial Lawyers as a Top 100 Trial Attorney and the American Society of Legal Advocates as a top 40 criminal defense lawyer under 40,  Ihave put my unique skills to work for multiple clients facing the same prospects of imprisonment, felony convictions and high fines as you presently find yourself. This is not a hopeless situation, and I can help you. I have been able to assist people in your exact situation to avoid prison and avoid a felony conviction.


Every year since Summer Camp Music Festival was first held in 2001, there has been an increased number of attendees and a corresponding increase in arrests.  The attitude of the Prosecuting authority in Peoria County, the Peoria County State’s Attorney’s Office, towards those unfortunate enough to be arrested has changed considerably over the years.  What was initially viewed as harmless college kids just having fun is now viewed as serious criminal offenses that should be punished by prison time.

Police tactics in enforcing Illinois drug laws at Summer Camp Music Festival in and around the Chillicothe Illinois area have evolved over time as well. Where most arrests in the Rome and Chillicothe Illinois area used to be the result of a traffic stop and subsequent k-9 search, most now are the result of undercover buys at the festival itself. I believe this change in tactics is occurring for a myriad of reasons. First, traffic stops are generally easier for a defense attorney to challenge on constitutional grounds than an undercover buy. Secondly, traffic stops normally result in a possession of controlled substance charge (Molly, X, Ecstacy, LSD, Cocaine), whereas an undercover buy results in a delivery of controlled substance charge which is a generally a higher, more serious charge. Lastly, to enter Summer Camp Music Festival you must pass a sign that states by entering the premises you are consenting to be searched. For all the reasons stated above, police tactics have evolved over the years away from traffic stops in the immediate vicinity of Summer Camp Music Festival.